Better know the District, part 4

This is my final week in Washington, D.C. — for now! — so it’s time for the fourth and last installment of my “Better know the District” posts. I haven’t had as much time to wander around the city lately, but I didn’t have to look far to find photos worth taking:

Stanton Park, Northeast D.C.

Georgetown after a rainstorm, where petals from the trees stuck everywhere like snow.

I just liked the colors and textures here. From uneven brick sidewalks to outdated police callboxes, D.C. streets are full of beautiful, worn-down things.


The Hill Center, near Eastern Market, Southeast D.C.

Tree branches, heavy with blossoms, hang over Capitol Hill sidewalks.

The Jefferson Memorial.

Houseboats and boats at the Southwest Waterfront — I had come early for the Cherry Blossom Festival fireworks after dark.

I’m going to miss this place.


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