Better know the District

I am learning to love this beautiful, powerful, lonely place. Here are a few glimpses of my first month in Washington, DC:

photo (6)

Crossing into the National Mall on Inauguration Day.

photo (10)

I walk as much as I can; these old, beautiful row houses are their own entertainment.

photo (5)

Jazz at HR-57 on H Street. Our late-night snack from the bar: waffles and nutella.

photo (7)

Rush Hour at Union Station. But really, most hours seem to be rush hours in DC.

photo (14)

Mayor Vincent Gray speaks at a media event to launch the new 1776 startup accelerator campus in downtown DC.

photo (4)

Freedom Plaza.

photo (13)

St. Monica and St. James Episcopal Church.

photo (9)

The ordered chaos of Capitol Hill Books.

photo (11)

A church on River Road NW.

photo (15)

Capitol Hill, at peace.

(Note: I stole the title of this post, of course, from The Colbert Report‘s “Better Know a District” series.)


One thought on “Better know the District

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