3 ways of demystifying the fiscal cliff

I’ll admit it: I don’t really, fully understand the fiscal cliff. That’s why I’m grateful for journalists and news organizations who can explain it in a creative way. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Newsbound, the startup that specializes exclusively in the “explainer” genre of journalism, has an excellent slideshow that walks you through the fiscal cliff — or “fiscal whatchamacallit,” which is the title they settle on after noting the controversy over the word “cliff.”


2. Quartz has been keeping track of fiscal cliff news on a physical wall — complete with Clif bars thrown in for good measure. They monitor the wall with a webcam, and all of the items on the wall are actually links to articles, data and humor. Check out the latest image.

3. Circa, which launched my favorite iPhone news app last month (seriously, get it), has a no-fluff article on the ongoing political negotiations over the fiscal cliff. They embed maps, photos, quotes, links to other sources, etc., and they update the story as more information becomes available.

So there you have it. I tip my hat to these three news organizations for making us all a little less confused. Did I miss any good examples?


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